Vourvourou, such a beautiful destination.

The location of one of the most beautiful areas of Chalkidiki, Vourvourou, is 110 klm away fron Thessaloniki. Vourvourou is a seaside resort that offers to every vacationer wonderful and clean beaches, isolated coves and little gulfs while beautiful pine trees touch the waters of the blue sea. Near the coast there are unique little islands with exquisite, virgin beaches and clean, blue waters. All this beauty coexists harmoniously with plenty of flora that covers the whole area.

The rented rooms “ELENA” are located in this area. They are built in such a place that eveyone can admire the captivating view of the blue sea as well as the armony of the pine forest. This building has 13 apartments that are able to accommodate 2-6 people in comfortable and pleasant rooms ready to welcome you for your summer holidays.


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